Your go to programme for Health, Nutrition & Fitness including recipes & workouts

  • Do you feel like you’re putting in the work but not getting the results you deserve?
  • Do you want a clear idea of the best way to fuel your body without deprivation and still achieve your goals?
  • Do you feel nervous in the gym or want to learn correct form from an exercise science grad and qualified PT?
  • Do you want to learn facts about nutrition from a registered nutritionist?
  • Are you tired of wasting money on influencer guides only to become more frustrated?

Are you ready to feel fitter, stronger and more confident in just 12 weeks?


What You Get

✓ Immediate Digital Access to download your plans instantly
✓ Nutrition Plan – with your meal by meal guide to help you achieve any goal (£30 value)
✓ Digital access to slimming recipes (£15 value)
✓ Sweat Guide – learn the science behind the most effective workout methods (£25 value)
✓ Beginner to barbell – our 8 week programme which will help you get from your to perfect your technique and increase your confidence. (£40 value)
✓ 12 weeks of “Train With TFGR” our monthly gym programmes  (£60 value)
✓ Free Lifetime Membership to Updates and Special Editions!
✓ Regular newsletters with fitness tips
✓ Exclusive access to the Members only group in our community



If you want to be able to go into the gym and know what your’e doing and feel confident, this programme will help you there! Beginner to Barbell is an 8 week programme which starts you in your living room building up basic technique and by week 4 will get you on the gym floor exuding confidence


It’s all mapped out to take out the guess work for you. Not only will you find what food pairs well during certain times of the day to boost your energy but you’ll see exactly how ti achieve your goals without restricting and spending hours counting calories.


We understand you don’t have hours to throw together a meal. Our recipes are quick and easy, can be doubled up so you’ve got something for lunch tomorrow too. No stress girl, I’m making this journey easy for you!


Regardless of your goals, this programme caters for all. This is time for you to shine! All the tools you need are right inside this programme, what are you waiting for?


My bum is so peachy now

Never felt better than I do on this programme


This programme changed my life

I really like it


Very happy customer

I highly recommend this programme, I know more about nutrition from 10 mins reading this then I ever have before.


Ready to feel fitter, healthier & more confident?


Welcome to the team! I’m so excited to be your trainer!


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