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Train with TFGR is a monthly gym workout programme subscription where you will get a new training programme delivered to your inbox automatically every 4 weeks and comes with exercise demos and is a great addition to any fit girls gym routine.


The programme is geared towards girls who have some experience in the weights area of the gym floor but need structure to their workouts. You will get access to our private community, you can ask questions and get your form checked.


Upon purchase you will receive our training manual and a new programme every 4 weeks as a PDF, the programme will be available on the Sunday before the week commencing, you will be billed every 4 weeks but can cancel any time.


Due to COVID-19 this product is currently unavailable. For free home workouts click here. Once gym’s reopen this product will be available to purchase.

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What you get with this gym workout programme

✓ A new programme every 4 weeks. Designed with the woman’s body in mind. You will be training 3-5 times per week.

✓ Access to our members support group where you can chat with other girls on the programme and get advice from Claire.

✓ A video run through of every programme.


A note from Claire

Hello, thanks for considering me to be your trainer. I decided to launch this programme because I know how it is walking in to the gym without one. It can be confusing to know where to start if you’re a beginner. As an experienced gym user, I find that my motivation to workout isn’t the same if I don’t have something structured. I designed all these workouts with the female body in mind. My clients all have very similar goals with their physique which include; perkier bum, toned arms, legs and stomach. To feel strong and just to feel confident on the gym floor. If this sounds like you, then this programme is perfect. I wanted to make fitness affordable for everyone so you can get a month programme for less than half an hour’s PT session.


This is not your typical influencer guide where I throw my favourite exercises together in a PDF and shill it for £50-70. I’m a qualified personal trainer with years of experience training my girls. I have thought these programmes out and structured them to help you progress through your fitness journey.


If you’re new to the gym we would recommend signing up for The Fit Girl Programme, you’ll receive three months of training programmes but you’ll also receive hundreds of form videos as well as our 8 week programme beginner to barbell, which will increase your confidence in the weights room and build you up slowly.

This programme is designed around a typical leisure centre gym (where Claire works) so as long as you have access to dumbbells, barbells, a smith machine or squat rack and some weight machines then you’ll be ok. It’s also important to mention that every exercise comes with an alternative incase your gym doesn’t have the equipment.


Just give us a weeks notice via email. Your payment will be taken every 4th Saturday and you will then be emailed your training plans on the Sunday. This way you are ready to start on the Monday.

With our gym workout programme You get 5 workouts. 3 of these are full body workouts and are essential workouts (you must perform them). The other two are optional and work at developing the gluteus and working the core (stomach). It has been designed this way with the woman’s body in mind.

The workouts are using resistance equipment (the weights area of the gym). This is the best way to get your desired physique.

You can follow personal trainer Claire on instagram to get sneak peaks at these programmes.

She follows the same one that she sends out.

Yes, of course. Every exercise has an alternative so you can perform it at home if you can’t get to the gym.

Your programme will be emailed to you each month. If you can print it off then I would recommend that you do so. This is because in order to make progress I want you to log your weights. I want you present in your gym workouts which means no phone distractions (just use it for music). That’s why these programmes aren’t in an app. This is you time. The world can wait.

It means that we are in the middle of our current programme so while you can join up now, your subscription won’t start until the next programme block. Claire makes announcements the week before the next programme on her instagram highlight  ‘gym’ so follow her on there!

Nutrition is very important as its 80% of your results

This programme doesn’t include any nutritional advice. Therefore it is recommended that you purchase The Fit Girl Programme where you will receive a nutrition plan with meal-by-meal guidance. 100s of healthy recipes AND you’ll receive three months of these programmes. You can carry on with them after those three months by subscribing via this page.

4 reviews for Gym Workout Subscription

  1. Shannon Evans

    I used to train with Claire in person and since our schedules no longer matching she got me onto her monthly workout programmes and I love them. They have helped me achieve amazing results and I feel so confident. All thanks to Claire. highly recommended.

  2. Katie Wynne

    I started training with Claire in the gym and she helped me gain confidence with weights and get my posture right. She wrote programs for me for when I train on my own in the gym which are great. They focus on different areas of the body and my favourite one is the booty workout. Claire is great at pushing you harder and her programs have helped me learn about more equipment in the gym and how to use them to get the body you want!

  3. Cerys Savory

    I started training with Claire in the gym nearly 2 years ago I never pictured myself doing weights… she’s helped my confidence so much and even took time to see how I was doing on my weight loss journey each week. She’s educated me so much about the right types of exercises for my body, even now the gums are shut she’s helped me keep up my hard work! I can’t thank her enough. Even on off days she made me feel great and motivated me so much! I highly recommend Claire’s workout programmes to anyone xx

  4. Emma Fox

    Claire has been an absolute life changer. I met and started training with Claire over a year ago and at the time I was overweight and clueless at the gym. She has built my confidence, helped me to lose weight but most importantly educated me. I rely massively on her workout programmes because you really do see the results.
    I’m forever grateful to Claire for helping me, she really cares and works extremely hard. I highly recommend her workout programmes.

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