Have you set yourself some big goals this year but are unsure how you are going to achieve your goals? Don’t worry, I’ve been there. I am SO excited to be finally bringing you my very own health and fitness podcast! One of my big goals for the last 3 years!

In this first episode I dive deep into small tips and habits you can implement to make your biggest goals a reality. While the podcast is mostly focused around health goals, you can absolutely use these tips to help you with other aspects of your life.I know how it feels to have goals for years but never actually achieving them, never mind putting steps in to starting but when I started implementing these tips into my goal setting, I started achieving my goals in a time period I was happy with.


Key takeaways
  • How small habits will compound over time to achieve the big results and help you achieve your goals.
  • How to set more realistic timescales especially when it comes to health based goals, anything that promises you fast results is a fad.
  • To ensure you have a metric for achieving success, but ensuring that metric is appropriate. Your scale weight won’t change your confidence, but your clothes size might.

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