The Winter makes it hard to find motivation to workout, Along with the cold weather, the days are also shorter meaning the first thing we want to do after a full day in work is to snuggle up at home in the warm. Here are my top tips to staying motivated in the winter and beating those winter blues to stay on top of your health and fitness goals!

Get in Routine

Decide when it is in the day that you are going to workout, before work/school or after? Decide and stick to it. Set your alarm early and make the commitment to get the blood flowing. If you decided that your workout would fit into your schedule after work, then make sure you stick by this also, workout straight after work. Prepare your workout clothes the night before and take them with you. Its easier to keep up with a routine than try and get into one, especially in the winter.

Set a goal

You’ve heard the saying “summer bodies are created in the winter” right? Well this saying is true! It takes handwork and commitment to reach goals, you won’t get fit after a week in the gym, neither will you significantly change your body composition, give yourself at least 12 weeks to see some significant changes. Winter is the perfect time as the cold weather means were not about to put on a bikini anytime soon, so the pressure is off. And any efforts you put in now, you will be able to show off in the summer, when bikini season does come around. But whatever your goal is, make sure it’s something you can see everyday, put a picture of your holiday location on your phone to remind yourself everyday that it’ll be here before you know it.

Embrace the weather

Instead of avoiding the cold, embrace it. Use it as your motivation to work harder! The quicker you get done with your workout, the quicker you are out of the cold and back into your warm cosy home! I understand its not comfortable to be out in the cold, but magic doesn’t happen in comfort zones I’m afraid!

Focus on the benefits

When its dark and cold outside thats when the gravitational pull of the bed is the strongest. So that’s when you really need to think about what you want in life, do you want to feel great and be full of energy, your stress levels the lowest they’ve been and you also looking great in that LBD at the christmas party? Or do you want to feel constantly drained and unhappy with the reflection in the mirror? The benefits of exercising outweigh that extra hour in bed every time!

Buddy Up

When you’ve planned to workout with one of your best girls, its much harder to cancel those plans that if you planned to workout alone. Invite your best girls round to do some food prep and plan in those sweat sessions! You won’t regret it!

Reward yourself

When you reach your goal, reward yourself. Not with a big cake that says ‘I reached my Fitness goals” in icing on it, but with something special like a new piece of clothing for the gym. There’s nothing like working towards a goal, achieving it, then rewarding yourself.

Follow a programme

If you’ve got something in stone to stick to, you’re more likely to go to the gym. If you need hand with a programme, join here, and we will deliver you a new workout programme every month.

As always, staying motivated in the winter is not easy, but I hope these tips help.

Let me know yours in the comments or on instagram.

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