While I was in university for my undergrad, I gained quite a bit.. well a lot of weight. I really lived up my student years, I was out 2-3 sometimes even 4 times a week binge drinking and eating crap foods. Staying healthy in university was not at the top of my priority list in my first 2 years. My lifestyle was extremely unhealthy, as a result of this I was always lethargic and I was overweight. Coming up to my third year, I spent the summer in Spain at our family holiday home, being by the pool every day and wearing a bikini made me realise how much weight I had gained. As I was going into my third year also, it kinda hit me as I was about to become a health professional and a health professional needs to be healthy so I decided it was time to do something about it and did.

Staying healthy when you’re a student isn’t one of the easiest things to do, you’re usually on a small budget, drinking a lot, and spending any hour you’re not in bed recovering from the drinking in lectures and on your laptop. Rest assured it is possible to do, and in fact not so hard. I know there’s a lot of readers who are students, so to celebrate us all going back to school, heres a guide on how to stay healthy.

My Top Tips for staying healthy in university

Drink Smart

Now you’re back on campus it’s so easy to slip into the routine of partying every night, be sensible. Drinking every single night will not help you at all. Be smart with your alcohol, clear spirits such as vodka have fewer calories than dark ones. Add soda water to them to avoid excess sugars which are found in other fizzy drinks. Try and avoid calorie-heavy drinks such as beers and ciders and make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Get Into A Routine

Keeping yourself into a tight routine is a good way to make sure you are getting in all the essentials. This includes; attending lectures, doing your assignments and revision, preparing fresh meals, getting in workouts and also having downtime with your friends. Make sure you get a well balanced healthy breakfast each morning. By being in a routine you will also plan out which parties you decide to go to, meaning budgeting will be easier as you will be able to plan ahead. Also ensuring your deadlines are completed on time and you don’t miss them.

Don’t Skip Your Workouts

Most campuses have sports centres with gyms, these are usually very cheap if not free. Get your girlfriends and go do a session in the gym. It will keep you all accountable and also help you get in some downtime to relax and clear your head. It also may help you prepare for your next big deadline by taking some you time. You can also go outdoors for a bike ride or a speed walk. You can also workout from home with me!

Join A Team

Not only is this a great way to meet new people while you’re living your student days. It is also a great way to keep fit, you will burn lots of calories whilst just having fun with your new found friends – win, win situation! Usually, you will be able to To find the list of sports teams and societies at your student union. I’ve decided on trampolining, volleyball and yoga club while doing my masters degree.

Plan Ahead

Filling your fridge with lots of fresh foods will lessen the chances of you feeling like ordering a takeaway or eating junk. It will also help you save money in the long run and will keep your health and waistline in tip top condition.

Hope you enjoyed these tips on staying healthy in university.
Don’t forget to enjoy your uni days, you only get them once, so live it up!

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