Now is the time of year when energy drops and motivation as a result isn’t so high. Starting in January isn’t an option girl, no you gotta start today! Make those habits and those habits will make you! So heres some tips to naturally gain more energy and get on with slaying your days. There are a million synthetic stimulants out there but in this blog post, i’m going to explain my top tips to boost your energy naturally.


Maca is a root derived from Peru. It contains all the essential amino acids, an impressive portfolio of minerals, some vitamins and it’s a rich source of phyto-nutrients. The amazing thing about maca is though, that it gives you this incredible boost of energy and leaves you feeling focused for hours and hours. I was recommended it about 12 months ago by the lady in my local whole foods and I seriously love the stuff. One scoop in a smoothie and I’m set, I get so so much done in the day!

Magnesium, Vitamin D, 5-HTP

I’m not a big fan of recommending supplements as I want to encourage you to get your nutrition and training right first. I do believe this time of year though in Magnesium, Vitamin D and 5-HTP and heres why.

During the winter months, sunlight is limited and it’s our main source of vitamin D. Most of us are deficient in vitamin D even more so in the Winter. Vitamin D3 is so important for supporting healthy bones and plays a role in cellular and immune health. Magnesium is required for more than 300 process in the body. It is essential for good brain health and helps reduce stress, it also helps produce energy at a cellular level. 5HTP converts directly to serotonin in the brain, this is a happy hormone which is responsible for helping you get enough sleep and also deficiency causes anxiety and depression. I find in the colder darker months, I feel less happy than I do in the sunnier longer months, therefore I personally take and recommend 5HTP just to keep that mood up.

Move More

This may not seem like the obvious, why would you want to work out if you’re feeling low on energy. However, your body actually produces more energy to meet the demands placed upon it. So if you start working out, you’ll notice very quickly that you have more natural energy throughout the day.

Drink More Water

This one is obvious but completely overlooked. Do you really get your daily intake of water? All the tips for water intake are here!

Stay healthy my friend!
Let me know your ways you like to boost your energy naturally, in the comments or on instagram!


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