Motivational summer playlist

Girls, your Summer playlist is here! Motivational music has been proven to boost exercise performance. Therefore, I’ve been making playlists every season for you on Spotify.
This playlist has been one of my favourites to our together. It’s full of upbeat, high energy songs which will be sure to leave you feeling ready to conquer your workout. I always test my playlists before releasing them, just to be sure. This one has left me feeling so so good when I’ve been listening to it during my workouts. To find out when I post a new playlist, follow me on Spotify. You can find the rest of the playlists here.


You probably already know this if you’ve read by posts often, but I love summer so much. It’s my favourite season. I’m going to really make the most of this summer as I’m retuning to university in September to start my masters degree. I’m studying Exercise & Nutrition Science. Once that starts I have no idea wether I will have time to go away with my workload. I have been creating some amazing summery recipes though, including these amazing watermelon ice pops.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you loved your summer playlist.

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