Stretching has so many benefits for the mind and body, it’s overlooked by so many because it’s not exactly the most interesting thing to do, also it can be pretty discomforting. There are four kinds of stretching, static stretching, PNF this is best done with a partner, dynamic stretching and ballistic stretches. Static stretching has the most research behind it, research also shows that this sort of stretching is best post workout when muscles are already warm and dynamic stretches are best pre-workout, therefore these will be the two we go into more detail in this post.


Improves flexibility and range of motion
Assists with correct posture
Decrease risk of injury
Better exercise performance
Increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles
Removes lactic acid meaning a reduction in muscle soreness


Different Types Of Stretching

Mobility Stretching

Mobility stretches are a great way to increase the blood flow into muscle areas, whilst warming them up in order to prevent injuries. Mobility stretching helps you to become more supple and warm up the muscles before working out by getting more blood into them.


These are to be completed before exercise. This is to get your body ready to work out. By doing mobility stretches you will decrease your risk of injury and increase your range of motion, meaning your performance in your workout will be better. A good 10-minute mobility circuit at the beginning of each session is sufficient.

Static Stretching

Static stretching is done whilst at rest after a workout has finished. You are lengthening the muscles, so it can be quite discomforting but it’s also nice and satisfying, if you know what I mean, it shouldn’t be painful.


You shouldn’t static stretch cold muscles, this is because it can increase your risk of injury. It undermines your whole warm up by cooling muscles back down. By stretching after your workout you are going to remove waste products from the muscles such as lactic acid and therefore reduce muscle soreness. You’ll also become more flexible from getting in your stretches.

Hope this helps,

Claire, xo

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