Finding Your Fit is about finding a fitness method or sport that fits for you!!

Fitness should never be a bind, it should be something you do to to look after your body, clear your mind and rejuvenate yourself. We all like different things, some people enjoy long distance running, some people enjoy strength training, others prefer dancing, iceskating, cycling, rock climbing, trampolining etc etc.

The key is to find what fits for you, and fit it into your daily lifestyle in order to keep your heart healthy and your waistline tight!

Here’s my tips on finding your fit

Make It Fun
This will mean that you look forward to your next workout and that you wont make excuses, you wont let obstacles get in the way of you going to workout. You can make it fun by bringing your headphones and listening to an awesome playlist, setting yourself mini challenges throughout the workout and by rewarding yourself at the end. Not with food but with some new workout gear – this is a win, win because you’ll then be excited for your next workout to show that new gear off!

Find A Workout Buddy
Ask your friends and your family if they want to workout with you, working out with others can be a great motivation to work harder. This is also a great way to make sure you workout, you become accountable to each other. You can join The community. Its a place where you can meet other gorgeous girls who are on their health and fitness journey just like you! So create your free profile and get started today!

Pick Something Convenient For You
This is an important step in making sure you stay consistent with your workouts, if you decide that you’re going to attend a gym miles away after work and drive there during rush hour, the chances are that before you know it the excuses as to why you can’t do will start to pop up and you’ll end up tied to a gym membership you never use. Even if you start small and work your way up to something like that as long as you LOVE your workout and are passionate about your sport then you’ll find time, not excuses

Try Everything At least Once
You should never discard a type of workout until you’ve tried it, the thought and idea of somethings is often much more daunting than the sport its self. When I lived in LA, my friend told me she taught a class called Barre, I’d never heard of it so she explained it to me. Immediately I thought that sounds rubbish. She persuaded me to go along to a class and I was so glad I did. I absolutely loved it. I went every morning after that and saw results very quickly. I found it was a great way to clear my mind and set my strong intentions for the day. I now have the DVD’s and equipment and do it at home, its not the same atmosphere as what is it in a class of course but I still enjoy it. I’d love the classes to be available in the UK – Maybe we should open up some Fit Girl Studios with lots of Barre classes? haha!

Let me know on twitter what your method of fit is and how you make it fit for you!!

Claire, xo

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