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Our refund policy differs depending on the product you buy so please read each tab carefully before purchasing a product.

Physical Products

You have 28 days from the date of purchase to change your mind. Any items you ship back must be unused. Return shipping costs are your own responsibility.

We take no responsibility until it reaches us, so ensure you get tracking.

How to initiate a return

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If your product arrives faulty please contact us

The Fit Girl Programme

The Fit Girl Programme is a digital downloadable product therefore it is non refundable. There is no cooling off period. All sales are final.

Train With TFGR

You can cancel anytime unless you purchase the annual membership. If you do not cancel before the start of the next programme, you will be charged and no refund will be given. If you sign up for an annual pass and for any reason you are unable continue training, you can freeze your membership or transfer it to another person. Alternatively you can have any unused months refunded, however you lose the annual discount. You will be charged for the amount of cycles you have been active for at full price and refunded the difference.

What is The Fit Girl Programme

The Fit Girl Programme is an online resource which gives women all the tools they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What do I get?

When you join The Fit Girl Programme you will receive lifetime digital access (some include downloads) to; Nutrition Plan, Recipes, Sweat Guide, Beginner to barbell, 3 months of Train with TFGR and a video library packed full of nutrition & fitness tips

I'm already a member, where do I find my programme

Press the little man icon at the top, you can log in there. The word Programme will change to My Programme in the menu – press that and you’ll be able to see, download your programme and find all your extras.

I need help with my nutrition but not my training

You can get the nutrition plan and recipes on their own here

Do you offer a printed version?

Not at the moment, we are looking into it at the moment though.

What will I learn from the nutrition plan?

From the nutrition plan you will learn…

What is train with TFGR?

A subscription workout programme delivered to you every 4 weeks.

Is this good if I'm new to the gym?

If you’re new to the gym we would recommend signing up for The Fit Girl Programme, before joining Train With TFGR. You’ll receive 12 weeks of training programmes but you’ll also receive hundreds of form videos as well as our 8 week programme beginner to barbell, which will increase your confidence in the weights room and build you up slowly.

Can I cancel anytime?


You do this through your account. Your payment will be taken every 4th Saturday and you will then be emailed your training plans on the Sunday. This way you are ready to start on the Monday.

I'm a member of The Fit Girl Programme, how do I get my 12 weeks?

Coupon code

How many workouts do I get?

With our gym workout programme You get 5 workouts. 3 of these are full body workouts and are essential workouts (you must perform them). The other two are optional and work at developing the gluteus and working the core (stomach). It has been designed this way with the woman’s body in mind.

Can I do these at home?

Yes, of course. Every exercise has an alternative so you can perform it at home if you can’t get to the gym.

What about nutrition?
Nutrition is very important as its 80% of your results

This programme doesn’t include any nutritional advice. Therefore it is recommended that you purchase The Fit Girl Programme where you will receive a nutrition plan with meal-by-meal guidance. 100s of healthy recipes AND you’ll receive three months of these programmes. You can carry on with them after those three months by subscribing via this page.

What equipment do I need?

This programme is designed around a typical leisure centre gym so as long as you have access to dumbbells, barbells, a smith machine or squat rack and some weight machines then you’ll be ok. It’s also important to mention that every exercise comes with an alternative incase your gym doesn’t have the equipment.

What is on demand?

On demand is an at home workout subscription which instead of programmed workouts will feature follow along and live classes with our top trainers. We aim to launch this platform in 2022.

How much is everything?

The Fit Girl Programme is a one off payment of £75.

Train with TFGR is a recurring membership which is £20 every 4 weeks.
When you join The Fit Girl Programme you will get 12 weeks of Train With TFGR for free.



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