This home glute workout is going to leave you feeling sculpted and lifted in all the right areas.
Perform the sets and reps for each exercise before moving on unless it’s the superset. Perform the two exercises back to back as 1 set. Rest between sets for 45-60 seconds. Follow the cues to ensure you have good technique.


20 mins


The Exercises

1. Hip Thrust

3 sets / 20 reps / 4,4,4 seconds up, hold and down.

Shoulders off the back of the sofa, push through the heals and really SQUEEZE those cheeks at the top sister!! (Pretend a hot guy walked in and you’re holding in a fart, that’s how tight I want you to squeeze your glutes at the top!)

2. Pendulum hip extension

4 sets / 15 reps / squeeze at top

Keep your hips pushed into the sofa to avoid any unnecessary back extension. You will get a little bit we want this to target a hip extension.

3A. Single Stiff Leg Deadlift

10 reps Each Leg

Hold on to something for balance not to help push up, you wouldn’t believe I used to figure skate with balance like mine 😂. Bring that dumbbell down your Leg.

3B. Good Morning

12 reps / 4 sets

Push the asssss back, keep dumbell close in to your body.

4. Sumo Squat into Curtsy Lunge

15 reps

Legs wider than shoulder width, you won’t be able to go down as far as a normal squat but it will target glutes more, (don’t do that squeeze at the top that some fitspos do. It’s useless in a squat and we don’t want to hurt the back.) control your curtsy.

5. Frog Pumps

20 reps / 4 sets

Pump these out. If like me you got the shuffle back syndrome it’s best to do this with your head by a wall to stop the shuffle back, or just keep bringing the legs closer in. Squeeze at the top

Don’t mind my facial expressions 🤪. Also, Lady is my aunts dog, she’s staying with me & Lola this week! 🐶🐶

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Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments below if you try it!


Your Trainer,

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