This full body circuit will have you feeling amazing, sweaty and give you those serious post workout endorphins!
Follow the exercises in order in a circuit, then repeat 3 times. Perform the amount of repetitions for each exercise before moving on. Follow the cues to ensure you have good technique.


20 mins


The Exercises

1.Single arm clean and press

10 reps each side

Make sure your back is straight when you are going down for the dumbell, drive it up and push!

2.Box Squats

15 reps

Use your couch and squat down to it, push your bum back as if you’re sitting down. Lola  decided to get involved in this one 😂. If you can goblet squat with form, then do that, these workouts are more aimed at beginners which is why I included a box squat!

3. Bent Over Row

12 reps

Make sure you keep the back straight! Bring the dumbbells in towards the belly button, squeeze the shoulder blades together, lower the dumbbells slowly and repeat

4. Romanian Deadlift

12 reps

This movement works on a hip hinge, so keep the back straight, push the bum and the hips back which will allow you to bring the dumbbells down, keeping them as close to your legs as possible

5. Bicep Curl, Press, Tricep Ext

10 reps

Stand straight, shoulders back, biceps curl the dumbbells, rotate the palms and push up, rotate the palms to face each other and being the weight behind the head flexing the elbow, then extend, rotate the palms outwards, bring the weight to the shoulder, rotate the palms to face you and bicep curl back down

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Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try it!


Your Trainer,


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