Here is your arms and back workout. This workout will help you strengthen and shape up.

Perform the amount of reps and set for each exercise before moving on, unless its a superset, then perform both exercise back to back before moving on. 45-60 seconds rest between sets. Follow the cues to ensure you have good technique.


20 mins


The Exercises

1A. Upright Row

10 reps

Keep the dumbbells close to the body as your drive them up, your elbows drive this motion and should always be higher than the forearm.


1B. Shoulder Press

10 reps / 3 sets

Dumbbells start at the shoulder, no half reps starting them by the ears! I’ve moved round with this one to demonstrate the line that the dumbbells go in is straight up behind your head.

2. Single Arm Bent over Row

12 reps Each Arm / 4 sets

Keep the back straight, when the arm is extended down allow the lats to stretch and when you’re bringing the weight up, keep the elbows tucked in and pull it in towards your belly button.

3A. Press Up

12 reps

Keep the body in a straight line like a plank, keep the core tight, when you come down, hover around 1-2 inches from the floor before pressing through the palms of the hands back up. I’ve also shown variation, this makes it easier so if you’re not quite at full press up, do a half one on your knees. .


3B. Tricep Dip

15 reps / 4 sets

Keep your back close to your sofa as you dip down. I’ve also shown variation, this makes it easier so if you’re not quite at full extension bring the knees in.

4. Overhead Tricep Extensions

20 reps / 4 sets

Straight up behind the head. Everything stays locked in position except the elbow and forearm down.

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Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments below if you try it!


Your Trainer,

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try it!


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