January 1st is 2 days away and it bring’s with it lots of resolutions, ideas, dreams and goals but in order for these to become a reality, action needs to take place. This is where planning your new year health regime needs to happen. “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”

Start with your goals

Your schedule needs to coincide with your goals. If you’re goals are to drop body fat and create a more sculpted beach look then you need to incorporate not just cardio but also resistance training to your schedule

Be Realistic

If you hate going in to the gym, what makes you think 2017 is going to mysteriously change that? Plan methods of physical activity that aren’t based in the gym. Do something you love!

Buddy Up

Get your gal pals to join you in your healthy regime. Many people only see exercise and eating well with losing weight and looking good, they don’t associate it with good health. If you’re not giving your body the best treatment how can you expect to feel like a million dollars all the time? So even if your friends aren’t wanting to drop weight this year, encourage them to get healthy. Alternatively, become a member of The Fit Girl Rules Programme and find support through our community.

Don’t Go Balls To The Wall

You’re going to find a million and one diet sites that will tell you to cut this out and cut that out, but really if you want this regime to last, you need to find some familiarity and enjoyment in it. Otherwise you’ll find it easier to throw in the towel. So make sure your new regime is completely sustainable. One small change a month is going to be more beneficial than changing everything about your current lifestyle in one go.



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