Motivation gets you started… Good habits take you all the way


Creating good habits are so important in this new lifestyle. Your habits are the things you do each do without thinking about it, so if you are not in the habit of cooking your own clean food, then you’ll be more likely to rely on convenience foods. If you aren’t in the habit of training then you aren’t going to make time for it in your day. Good habits are going to determine your long term success with this program. If you do not create good habits you’ll soon find yourself wanting to make a change in your life again. 

Creating good habits is going to require a lot of self discipline and will power, while some habits will be easier than others to create, all are going to be beneficial. As your habits become set you will notice that tasks such as meal prep or getting over to the gym, which once felt hard are now easy. Overtime you will begin to love this new way of life and how great you feel as a result of living it.


How to create these habits


Make your goals your number one priority. If you can do that then you’ve unlocked the first step in becoming extremely successful in all areas of your life. Temptations will come your way,  this is inevitable. It’s how you handle those temptations which will make the difference. Journaling is great, because you can document what you’ve done in your day and also how you feel. If you slipped you can write it down, read over it and you will be sure not to make that mistake twice. Whenever you do something, start with the end in mind.


Don’t try to change everything in one go. Make small steady changes, when those become a habit make more changes. Soon you’ll be looking back at your life and you’ll have had completely different habits than the ones you have now. But thats okay, because those habits were not serving you like these ones are.


By rewarding good habits, you are reinforcing them. You are saying to yourself heres a little present for being good this week. These little gifts to yourself could be anything from some new working clothes, a yoga class at that place you always wanted to go or even a new water bottle. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be something you are happy to receive. A nice little gift from you to you for doing amazing. We do not want you to reward yourself with food. This just creates bad habits and you seeing food as something you should earn.


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