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Finding balance is so important to keep a good relationship between your health routine and everything else you have going on. When it comes to exercise and eating clean, its easy to allow yourself to get swept into an idea that you should be eating clean 100% of the time and sacrificing the foods you love for your goals. In the long run this is going to leave you feeling miserable and deprived, making it easier to just give up on your health journey all together.

Balance is such an under estimated tool when it comes to getting results, because these results depend on adherence. If you can stick to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, you’re going to get results from it. As women we juggle so many rolls that it’s easy to put yourself last. Keeping everything in good balance is a tricky task but an extremely important task. The more balance you keep in your life, the more you will enjoy living this exciting healthy lifestyle. Balance is vital in your success and your happiness.

Why Is Balance Important?

Your happy balance is a place where you are still enjoying life but are staying healthy. When you set yourself a big goal and you are really passionate about achieving it, its so easy to put other things to one side, if you and your friends are accustomed to socialising in the pub and getting a little drunk sometimes its easier to not go out then it is to have some self discipline and stop after one or two drinks. So chat with your friends to make alternative arrangements. Pick a healthy restaurant or have a girls night with some wine where it is much easier to only have one or two glasses. You don’t have to sacrifice your social life for your health and fitness.

On the flip side of things when you’re a busy girl it’s so easy to slip into bad habits. For example; grabbing some quick junk food on your lunch break and thinking it’s “ok, I’ve been good all week”. A few days later doing the same thing and then going out with the girls at the weekend and grabbing a take away on the way home. Another is to say “I’m too busy to workout, I will do it tomorrow” and end up not working out all week. Balance is an important aspect but also being brutally honest with yourself is too.
Creating a journal is the best way to be honest with yourself, track your meals and workouts and then you can see day to day what you’ve been up to. You can create a journal in my free community, check in with all your meals, good and bad and after each workout. This way you can keep track accurately, when you have lots going on, or you ate something without thinking about it, its easy to forget, this is where calories add up and progress is hindered.

What Does Balance Mean To Me?

We all have that one guilty pleasure weather it be your favourite meal from a restaurant, a glass of wine, some chocolate or having dessert. We would never want you to sacrifice these things as it will just leave you feeling deprived. Also if you are having a stressful time in life you may cave to these things, this will leave you feeling like you have cheated yourself. It will bash your confidence to succeed and may completely knock you off track when you were doing so well. So in keeping a balance you will still be having the things you love, but having them in moderation.

What Balance Doesn’t Mean

This is where honesty needs to come in. Have you been getting your workouts in? Have your meals been clean this week? Moderation doesn’t mean have a bit of something you enjoy every single day, it means have it occasionally. When your celebrating, when you’ve planned a night out with the girls. Try and stick to 80% Clean and 20% of what you like. Thats balance.

How to find your balance

This is going to be different for us all because we all have different lives and things that do or don’t make us happy. These tips are here to guide you, not to tell you how to live your life.

Ban The Cheat Or Treat Meals!

I hate those words. Because basically what you’re saying is, I’m cheating on my health. Or.. I’m treating myself with food. Dogs get treated with food. Are you a dog? No. Instead, when it comes to the time where you want to enjoy a glass of wine or dessert or even eat something that isn’t remotely clean, just think, this is me living a balanced lifestyle.

Quit Feeling Guilty

Guilt is such a negative emotion that is a waste of your time. If you enjoy a food then why are you going to prevent yourself from eating it? Also, let’s just say you had something you didn’t plan to have, once it’s gone down, it’s gone. You can’t get it back so why are you going to beat yourself up over something you can’t change. Move on and just remember; Moderation is the key.

Join The Fit Girl Programme

Knowledge is an amazing tool on this journey, the programme teaches you about nutrition, how to plan your meals and gives you plenty of workouts. When you join the programme you get access to our private community, its like your own cheerleading squad who want the best for you. Lastly, the programme teaches you how to live a balanced lifestyle whilst achieving your goals and being happy.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you have found your balance.

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