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Staying Hydrated and drinking enough water is so important. It’s the first step to becoming beautiful inside and out. Running your body with no water is like running your car with no oil, it just doesn’t function properly. Homeostasis is a term used which means keeping everything in equilibrium and if your body detects any changes which will throw it off, it makes adjustments to get back to normal including

3 Reasons To Stay Hydrated


Being dehydrated by just a fraction makes us feel fatigued. Naturally boost your energy levels over time by sipping water. This will also increase your brain function meaning a more productive you!


Water increases the micro-circulation in the skin leaving your skin glowing. Although the skin is one of the last places water goes to – (first it takes care of everything else) Its important to stay hydrated everyday to see any changes!


For every 1g of carbohydrate we store in the muscle (as glycogen) we also store 3g of water. If there is no available water to be taken in with the glycogen then it can’t be stored. Therefore they may be stored in the fat tissue. Ensure you’re drinking with every meal

Hydration Tips

Get a BPA free plastic water bottle and carry it with you everywhere. Fill this up throughout the day using your water filter!
Make your water fun by adding fruit infusions
Make sure you drink before, during and after working out
Have a glass of water before each meal
Ask for water when your eating out, its free and contains 0 added sugars and 0 calories

Remember to always drink extra water if you’re consuming alcohol!


If you’re looking for more tips to stay healthy; read our other rules here. Follow The Fit Girl Rules on instagram here.


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