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With the colder weather kicking in, its time to kick up your nutrient intake to ensure that you don’t come down with a cold/flu or worse. If you do get sick then you shouldn’t train, rest and let your immune system take care of it. But prevention is better than cure, so anyway you can prevent yourself from getting sick, you should take it. This is one of them. This immunity strength shot is my go-to once the wether starts turning, I make it an important priority this time of year. With vitamin C bursting apple as the base, lemon for detoxification purposes, turmeric’s anti inflammatory and immune boosting properties and ginger for digestion and to aid nutrient absorption.
This shot is sure to help your immune system stay strong and healthy. To make this shot You will need a juicer, I do see these as an investment, Ive had a Philips one for four years and get a lot of use out of it, however if you really don’t have one then you could blend it in a bullet or blender. It just won’t be as smooth.


Cook Time
0 mins

Prep Time
10 mins


immunity strength – coming up


2 inch Fresh Ginger
6 Apples
2 Lemons
1 tsp Turmeric


1. Put all your ingredients through your juicer and add the turmeric. Stir it in then place in your airtight containers.
2. These store in airtight containers in the fridge for up to 4 days. Shake up before drinking.

Nutritional Info

per serving









If you felt this immunity strength shot helped this year, leave a comment below and tag me in your photos of it on instagram @thefitgirlrules.
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