Nothing says, Happy Mothers day like a home-made gift and nothing says I Love You like chocolate truffles. True? Yes True! So, I’ve pulled together this recipe for you to make for Mum this week and present to her (along with the flowers or in my mums case Gin and cards) to show Mum she’s amazing! Let’s just talk about this recipe real quick, I’m pretty proud of how well these have come out. I’ve never made truffles before so I googled it and found a “BBC good food” recipe which I slightly adapted. The first adaptation being that I added chocolate protein powder. Remember, PROTEIN DOES NOT MAKE US BULKY, the reason being that protein is important for so many bodily processes so if we can squeeze some undetected in some chocolate truffles then why not. Next I changed double cream to single, reason being that I decided adding the protein powder would thicken it out. And then I split their recipe down by 1/3, because 8 truffles is enough, moderation remember. The fact that they’re home-made means that you know that no added nasties have gone in to them also.

8 servings

Fridge Time
4+ Hours

Prep Time
15 Mins


100g 70% Chocolate (I used Aldi Dominican Republic)
100ml Single Cream
15g Unsalted Butter
3 tsp Protein Powder (Plus more for rolling in later)
1 tsp Desiccated coconut


STEP 1 Melt your chocolate in the microwave making sure you stir it regularly to avoid it burning. In the mean time heat your butter and cream together. When the cream starts bubbling, add it to the melted chocolate and stir the life out of it.
STEP 2 When you have a smooth consistency, let it cool slightly and add your protein powder, stir again. Then put it in the fridge to cool for 2-3 hours.
STEP 3 Remove from fridge and roll into balls, roll your balls into either your coconut or protein powder right away and place them on some grease proof paper.
STEP 4 Place all the balls in the fridge for another 1-2hours before serving.



Nutritional Info

per serving





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