Happy Holidays!!!

Its important over the holidays to be careful, it is a time to let your hair down; Yes! But do not go overboard – a time as short as two weeks can seriously impact your progress and you’re gonna have to work 10 times as hard in the New Year! Eating is a big social thing so it’s completely understandable that more food than usual is going to be consumed but over-eating is not going to make those social interactions any more enjoyable or those memories any more vivid.

Heres my 5 top tips for Staying Kinda On Track!

Control your portion sizes

Do not stuff yourself like a turkey! Yes this time only comes once a year but eating everything in sight until you can no longer move is not smart. If you simply can’t pass up that dessert, then have just a small serving. 

Don’t keep too much temptation around the house

If you have it in, your 80% more likely to eat it.

Keep active

Its no secret that December is the best month to go to the gym, its always empty so you have full roam of the equipment. Plus if your not a member of a gym; December is usually when they have the best offers on such as no joining fee.

Make small substitutions

I know that around christmas time, my sweet tooth is bigger than ever. So instead of caving on the Chocolate Aisle, I make my own recipes packed with good nutrients.

Drink smart

Check out this post, it’s informative and helpful for those who like their alcohol, especially around the holidays!

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