Your morning routine sets the tone for the day and getting it right can set you up for the whole day! Trust us, there is such a thing as waking up on the wrong side of the bed! Productive mornings turn into productive days which in turn leads to you achieving your goals and unlocking your mega babe potential. I have compiled my top 5 tips to ensure you get the most out of those early hours. A new day is a beautiful thing, it’s another day to live, to experience, to learn, to love and to laugh. Make the most of each day and each morning. You deserve it!

Prepare the night before

This is a sure start way to ensure everything you need to set you up right is taken care of. Prepare your day time clothes, your morning workout clothes, think about what you’re gonna eat for breakfast and if you can prepare that, do so. Don’t give yourself any excuses not get out of bed to have a kick ass morning.

Rise and Shine girl.

The mornings may be darker and colder but you can still make them kick-ass! Pick an alarm which is gentle and wakes you up with ease or a song that motivates you to get up. Startling yourself first thing with a loud blare will most probably put you in a bad mood. Pressing that snooze button is also not such a great idea, it gives you little extra rest and i’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve ever hit snooze, you don’t feel any less tired as a result of hitting it. If you don’t already have it, sleep cycle is a great wake up app, you leave your phone in the bed and it senses your movement to work out whens best to wake you within a 30 minute period. If you’re an iPhone user, the last update came with a feature in the clock called BedTime, if you haven’t started using this you should. Programme in what time you want to wake up and how many hours you want to sleep for (7-8) It will wake you up with a lovely tune and send you reminders to get in bed in time. If you really need an extra helping hand in the morning, the Philips Lumie is a great alarm to help you during the winter months, mimicking sunlight to wake you up gradually.

Start each day afresh!

Doesn’t matter what went down yesterday, today is a new day! Start with gratitude and meditation and some gentle exercise to get your heart rate up. I like to say HELLO to every new day by taking 20-30 minutes for me, thats how Your ALOHA came about. Walking is an extremely meditative type of physical activity, you can get some fresh air, get your heart rate elevated and while the blood is pumping reflect on your goals, make a plan for your day, show gratitude for the small things, you can take some coffee with you, it makes those morning walks even better… ☕️. If the weather is too cold or wet then yoga is equally as good. Roll your mat out in your living room, put on some relaxing music and go through a nice gentle flow or head to your local studio. I love hot yoga, especially in the morning but the nearest hot yoga to me is 40 minutes drive, therefore I just stick with unheated yoga if I’m practising in the mornings.

But First… Coffee

From the fresh smell to the gradual buzz gives you, theres so many reasons to love everything about the coffee bean not to mention the many benefits your morning cuppa carries. I am currently obsessed with my Nespresso machine, so many different pods to chose from to give that instant wake me up. I also like to brew coffee, section some out into an ice cube tray and freeze, leave the rest in the fridge overnight, push it through the french press, add a splash of almond milk and viola, iced coffee! 👌🏼

Fuel Your Body

Getting in breakfast a nutritious protein packed breakfast is a really important step in not only unlocking a rocking’ bod! But breakfast will also be the make or break between a supercharged day or a snoozy day.. If you don’t already eat breakfast, then make a start on doing so. The next step is to refine what you eat. Sugary cereals, white toast, pastries and all other foods high GI will spike your blood sugar are off the morning menu, they will leave you feeling unfocused, fatigued and craving more high sugar foods, I call this the blood sugar rollercoaster and once you get on, its a really unproductive place to be. So start each day with a nice protein packed breakfast like a smoothie, a scramble or some protein pancakes.

How do you like to start you day? Let me know your morning tips in the comments below.

Claire xx

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