This year we decided to send our first ever Christmas card to our family & Friends. We decided on our photo from last New Years eve as it contained the three of us in it, but will get a nice Christmassy photo this year for next years card. We also personalised the back and put Lola as a puppy on there. She was (and still is) so adorable. I love receiving families Christmas card’s and always wanted to make one when I found the right person. I am so excited to see how this card progresses as the years go on.

I absolutely love this time of year so much, because alls I’ve been feeling this year is cold and stressed whilst finishing my masters I’ve been doing as much as I can to stay organised and to get into the Christmas spirit.

Making our Christmas Card

Making these Christmas cards online was super easy. We picked a pre-made card and just added our own personalisation to it, we also got the matching envelopes just to know that they would fit inside. Hope you have a lovely Christmas & New Year! Let me know on instagram what your plans are this holiday season.

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