Mothers day is here on Sunday and it got me thinking about how grateful I am for my Mum and all the things she’s done for me. With raising me and my three siblings, my oldest sister has downs syndrome which comes with its challenges, looking after a husband, holding a full time job and running a house,  her health has forever been at the bottom of her priority list and I’d like to guess it’s like that for many mums out there. This Spring I’m going to start planning more fun activities which will work on improving her health and want to share them with you as it may be something you’re interested in doing with your mum.

Stroll Round The Park & Have A Picnic

Pack a healthy lunch, find a nice big park, if you have dogs take them too and do a nice big loop followed by your picnic.

Go For Hikes

Depending on your mums current fitness levels you could start more gentle and work your way up to more of an incline hike. I have the Clwydian range on my doorstep and would love to take my mum with her dogs and Lola up Moel Famau when she comes to visit me. The benefits of a nice gentle hike are that of the calories burnt during the hike, more will be from fat than carbs. So sunshine, fresh air, fat burning and Mother & Daughter time! Whats not to enjoy?

Take A Class Together

The last two ideas have been weather dependant however, this one is not. Pick a class you both will enjoy but also one that will be suitable to your mums current levels of fitness. You don’t want to pick something which is going to put your mum off ever doing a class again, start with something more gentle i.e Yoga and work up to the higher intensity classes as your mums fitness levels improve and as she finds her feet. Attending these classes might be a bit intimidating for your mum so make sure you give her lots of praise at the end of class. Bonus tip, if you live far away from your mum (80 miles for me) then do the classes when you visit her, this way theres more motivation for her to carry on as the gym or leisure centre is close by to her house.


Hope you like this post, let me know if you try any of these ideas out.
And as always, my heart and thoughts are with every single person who’s mum is not with us anymore.


All My Love,


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