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This is probably one of my most asked questions so I thought it would be handy to do a blog post all about it, as well as sourcing some reasonably priced quality items for those who are training at home / their gym lacks some essentials.

The equipment you will need will depend on the programme you are following.



If you are working out at a gym it should have a basic set up which includes;

  • A barbell, weighted plates and a squat rack.
  • A range of different weighted dumbells and then kettlebells
  • A dual action pulley (aka cables), there should be a rope, ankle and handle attachments.
  • Machines such as a Lat pull down, leg press, back extension and GHD are always handy but alternatives are always given for these exercises.
  • And then lastly, but you may need to take your own; some long resistance bands, a hip circle (short resistance band) and a bar pad (for protection of the pubic bone during hip thrusts)


Dumbbells – 1 heavy set and 1 light set.

Long resistance bands,

A hip circle (short resistance band)

Some sort of chair for seated exercises, a dining room chair is fine

An exercise mat – not essential




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