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  • Delicious & Healthier Chocolate Truffles

    Your Mum will love these!

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  • Delicious Chocolate Christmas Bark

    Peppermint bark is by far one of the most incredible sweet treats at Christmas, but it really does get sickly fast and no wonder with the amount of sugar in there. Something’s in life just shouldn’t be touched (ahem Sugar Cookies) butt.. I do certainly think that chocolate bark is one that can be made …

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  • Mini Mince Pie Bites

    Ok, don’t hate me! A classic is a classic but there is literally so much good stuff flying around this season that it can make temptation so high. My theory is that you shouldn’t be concerned with what you eat between Christmas and New Year, relax and enjoy it regardless of how much you eat …

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  • Bonfire Night – Toffee Apple Bites

    Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot! Get your hats and gloves out girls, its bonfire night on Saturday. Sparklers, toasting marshmallows and fireworks. Bonfire night is by far one of my favourite holidays to celebrate. Every year we have a …

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  • Affogato al caffè

    National Coffee day is in two days. So we need to bring you something which has coffee as a main ingredient but is also cool and fun! If you love coffee then you’ll know what I mean when I say that this time of the year coffee is needed for basic function. Bring back the …

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  • Coconut Peach Cupcakes

    Summer isn’t over yet! With just over three weeks left of this glorious season, so let’s make the most of it. Today’s recipe is inspired by some of my favourite delicious summer flavours. Peaches and coconut, its random but so good. The sugar which is in a normal cupcake recipe is substituted with stevia, an …

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  • Triple Berry Fro-Yo

    Let’s Talk Fro-Yo really quick! Fro-Yo makes me really happy and while here in Spain I may or may not have eaten my fair share. Ahem, I’ve definitely eaten more than my fair share! 😂 🙈 It’s just so delicious, it’s what dreams are made of. Anyways. I decided to whip up a quick recipe …

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  • Watermelon Ice Pops

    It’s gotta be said, summer is actually treating us pretty well this year! The weeks are just getting nicer and nicer and we couldn’t be happier. Summer is by far our favourite season! We make these watermelon pops all the time when we have a BBQ, safe to say ours get spiked with vodka but …

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  • Raspberry Brownie Bites

    I am completely and utterly obsessed with anything to do with raspberry at this moment in time. Its just my favourite as far as fruit goes. Get ready to try this amazing raspberry and chocolate combo in the form of delicious home cooked brownies. The recipe was adapted from the one on Tesco Real Food. …

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