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MSc, BSc Hons, Female Body Transformation Specialist

I was a very active child taking part in cross country, netball & gymnastics but as I got older my interest in sports died down and I started inconsistently going to the gym. I had no real idea what I was doing and so didn’t feel confident or comfortable in the gym, I’d just do half cardio and half working my way round the fixed weight machines. I also lacked body confidence so found myself frustrated with seeing no results. When making career choices I decided I wanted to be a Physical Education teacher as it was my favourite subject in school and so went down that route in university. While in uni I gained around 20lbs. I was going on 3-4 nights out per week, eating so much junk food and hardly exercising. Just living that typical student lifestyle. As I was entering my third year it dawned on me that I was about to become an unhealthy health professional and it didn’t feel right for me, thats not what I was about. I threw myself into fitness, I started working out 5x per week, hired a personal trainer, removed most of the junk out my diet and only went out drinking when it was a special occasion. Everyone around me started noticing and was commenting on how much better I looked and I finally developed some body confidence but most importantly learning how to train gave me gym floor confidence, I now feel like I own the weight floor. I loved this feeling and decided to qualify as a personal trainer, I started working at my local gym part time as a class instructor and fitness trainer. I’ve helped hundred of women change their lives and I can’t wait to help you get fitter, stronger and more confident.


My Formal Qualifications

+ MSc – Exercise & Nutrition Science
+ BSc (Hons) – Exercise, Physical Activity & Health
+ Level 3 – Active IQ Personal Training Certificate

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Wanting to become a trainer at The Fit Girl Rules?

If you are wanting to work with a fast growing online training company then please contact us. We only work with the best, you will need to be degreed qualified in an exercise or nutrition related topic. e.g. sports or exercise science, strength and conditioning (or similar). Have experience working with women, face to face or online and love helping women reach their goals. You’ll also need to be confident in front of the camera. In return we offer great rates of pay, training and exposure to help you build your personal brand.


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