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The Fit Girl Rules is an expert led health and fitness community helping thousands of women become their happiest & healthiest. The Fit Girl Rules was started back in 2013 as a Facebook page sharing “Rules” to become fitter and healthier, and over the last 5 years has evolved into community of over 100,000 beautiful women from around the globe all supporting each other.

Mission statement

To inspire, empower and educate women to make healthier choices, become their fittest and happiest self and gain confidence

Why Chose Us?

Degree Level Trainers

Suited for busy schedules

Supportive Community

Results Driven Techniques

Workout From Anywhere

What are the rules?

Our rules aren’t about restricting, crazy food rules or depriving your amazing body. These rules will help you get back to basics. The things you know you should be doing but sometimes don’t. Thats what we stand for; health focused, and sustainable.


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